Dual-fuel and 100% hydrogen engines

Hydrogen combustion engines

BeHydro engines are available in both mono fuel (100% H2) and dual fuel (liquid fuel + up to 85% H2) versions. The range of hydrogen engines consists of 6- and 8-cylinder inline engines and 12- and 16-cylinder V-engines covering a power range between 1 MW and 2.6 MW.

Dual Fuel H2

The BeHydro dual-fuel engines are developed for heavy-duty applications and are very flexible in usage. Operating on 85% hydrogen gas and 15% conventional fuel, they make the owner or user less dependent on fossil fuels.

With this type of engine, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 85%! In combination with an after-treatment system (EATS), there are also no harmful emissions. The remaining soot particles and nitrogen gases (NOx) are removed by a particulate filter and SCR system so that the latest and strictest emission standards worldwide are easily achieved.

Taking into account that these medium speed engines can run on up to 85% hydrogen AND 100% conventional fuel, they offer a solution when hydrogen is not available. Switching to conventional fuel is automatic and effortless.

With the BeHydro dual-fuel engines, we offer a state-of-the-art, user-friendly solution for companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.

The engines have a long life thanks to an optimised air/gas mixture that causes components to heat up less quickly. They also have no problems with slight impurities in the hydrogen and do not use scarce raw materials such as lithium, zinc, cobalt, platinum, rare earths, etc.

The BeHydro dual-fuel hydrogen engines use proven technology, have been extensively tested and they are certified. They are designed to ensure long-term and efficient operation.

Mono Fuel H2

The innovative BeHydro 100% hydrogen engine range has been developed for heavy duty applications and deliver 100% clean energy. As a main drive or in combination with an alternator, they are a reliable and 100% environmentally friendly source of energy for marine, power and railway applications.

They emit no harmful emissions such as carbon (CO2), nitrogen (NOx), sulphur oxides (SOx) or soot particles. In addition, they are non-toxic and:

  • no use is made of scarce raw materials such as lithium, zinc, cobalt, platinum, rare earths, ... ;
  • avoid environmental damage caused by the extraction of scarce raw materials;
  • they do not cause any damage to human health;
  • the by-products are completely safe (the emissions consist of water vapour and aspirated air).

The BeHydro hydrogen engines are extremely versatile because they have no problem with slight impurities in the hydrogen. BeHydro engines use proven technology and are designed to ensure long term and efficient operation.

In addition to their long service life, they are also very easy to maintain. This saves costs and time for owners and operators.



  • Extended power range: 600 kW - 2670 kW
  • Possible to operate on less purified hydrogen
  • Quick reaction to variable load
  • User-friendly operation
  • Proven engine platform


  • Mono fuel: 100% clean technology / CO2 free energy
  • Mono fuel: EU stage V copliant WITHOUT DPF/SCR system
  • Dual fuel: up to 85% CO2 reduction
  • No environmental damage caused by the extraction of scarce raw materials (lithium, zinc, cobalt, platinum, rare earths, …)


  • Long lifetime: +200.000 running hours.
  • Easy maintenance, availability of spare parts
  • Safe supply chain: no use of rare/conflict materials


  • Dual fuel: operation on 85% hydrogen gas and liquid fuel.
  • Possible to operate on 100% liquid fuel when H2 is not available

Select your industry

Many demanding industries such as shipping, railways and power generation need sustainable and financially viable technolgies. Thanks to BeHydro, the solution is within reach.


BeHydro engines and auxiliary gensets offer clean propulsion solutions for many marine applications. They make our customers less dependent on fossil fuels and allow them to respond to the energy transition today.

  • Power range from 600 kW up to 2.6 MW
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Power generation

BeHydro engines, in combination with an alternator, ensure that we can offer powerful and emission-free power generation solutions to those looking for a reliable source of energy on water or land.

  • Power range from 600 kW up to 2.6 MW
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Locomotive traction

BeHydro engines are perfectly suited for newbuild or repowering shunting or mainline locomotives where railway tracks are difficult to be electrified.

  • Power range from 600 kW up to 2.6 MW
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