Locomotive traction

BeHydro is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty hydrogen combustion engines for locomotive applications.

We offer customized solutions suited for newbuild or repowering shunting and mainline service locomotives with hydrogen internal combustion engines up to 2.7 MW.

You can find our hydrogen engines in two different types of locomotives

Mainline locomotives
Shunting locomotive



  • Extended power range: 600 kW - 2670 kW
  • Possible to operate on less purified hydrogen
  • Quick reaction to variable load
  • User-friendly operation
  • Proven engine platform


  • Mono fuel: 100% clean technology / CO2 free energy
  • Mono fuel: EU stage V copliant WITHOUT DPF/SCR system
  • Dual fuel: up to 85% CO2 reduction
  • No environmental damage caused by the extraction of scarce raw materials (lithium, zinc, cobalt, platinum, rare earths, …)


  • Long lifetime: +200.000 running hours.
  • Easy maintenance, availability of spare parts
  • Safe supply chain: no use of rare/conflict materials


  • Dual fuel: operation on 85% hydrogen gas and liquid fuel.
  • Possible to operate on 100% liquid fuel when H2 is not available

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