Coasters & Feeder Vessels

The important role of BeHydro engines for Coasters and Feeder vessels for more sustainable maritime logistics operations

Coasters and container feeder vessels, integral to maritime logistics, play a pivotal role in connecting ports across continents, navigating near coastlines with precision. Their shallow-hulled design enables them to traverse open seas and manoeuvre through inland waterways, facilitating the delivery of diverse cargo directly to customers' doors. With the integration of BeHydro hydrogen engines, these vessels not only excel in performance but also lead the way towards a greener maritime industry.

BeHydro-powered coasters and feeder vessels offer different advantages in achieving more sustainable port operations:

  • Proven technology: BeHydro-powered coasters and feeder vessels can use internal combustion engines (ICE) designed for both dual fuel and 100% hydrogen usage. These medium-speed engines embody a robust and proven technology, ensuring superior reliability and long service life. These engines have a proven track record and in dual fuel operation these vessels can switch seamlessly between hydrogen and conventional fuels such as (bio)diesel or HVO. This flexibility optimises efficiency under varying operating conditions while reducing emissions and environmental impact. By using this ICE technology, ships can reduce their carbon footprint without compromising operational reliability.
  • Easy maintenance: The use of internal combustion engines remains the same, hydrogen is burnt together, or instead of diesel which ensures continuity in operational methods. This seamless transition eliminates the need for additional training or specialisation and streamlines maintenance protocols. By sticking to familiar working methods, integrating hydrogen into the engine does not affect any maintenance requirements.
  • Hydrogen availability: Navigating between ports, who are evolving into hydrogen hubs, these vessels have access to both hydrogen and the necessary infrastructure, ensuring a readily available supply for operations.
  • Meet customer needs: BeHydro dual fuel or 100% hydrogen engines significantly reduce emissions compared to conventional diesel propulsion, utilising green hydrogen and biodiesel or HVO, thereby contributing to a substantial decrease in carbon footprint. Meeting customer expectations for sustainability is crucial, driving the importance of adopting greener technologies like the hydrogen combustion technology.

In embracing BeHydro-powered Coasters and Feeder vessels, the maritime industry is not only using a proven and reliable technology but also taking significant steps towards a more sustainable future. These vessels, equipped with robust hydrogen engines, effortlessly navigate the networks of global ports while significantly reducing emissions.

With easy maintenance requirements and access to evolving hydrogen infrastructure, they are ready to meet the growing demand for environmentally conscious shipping solutions. By using BeHydro hydrogen engines, maritime logistics operators not only meet customer expectations but also lead the way in the transition to greener, more sustainable port operations.

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