Inland waterway vessels

Inland waterway vessels, of all shapes and sizes, share a unified goal: to transport goods efficiently and securely from point A to point B. These vessels, like sleek barges, dry cargo vessels, inland tanker ships or push boats, are carefully crafted to navigate rivers, canals, and other inland water routes with precision while optimising cargo capacity and meeting stringent safety standards.

  • EU stage V emission standards: BeHydro hydrogen engines meet and exceed the stringent EU Stage V emission standards, meeting the latest regulations aimed at reducing air pollutants in inland shipping.
  • Advanced Internal Combustion Engines: Our engines are equipped with advanced internal combustion engine (ICE) technology powered by hydrogen. These green, cost-effective and reliable engines use proven technology to provide optimal performance, reliability and efficiency for navigating rivers, canals and other inland waterways. Designed to operate smoothly and accurately even under fluctuating loads, our BeHydro engines improve the efficiency of inland vessels while reducing maintenance requirements and operational costs.
  • Easy maintenance: This seamless transition eliminates the need for additional training of the crew or specialisation and streamlines maintenance protocols. By sticking to familiar working methods, the integration of hydrogen in these engines has no influence on the availability of spare parts, not only simplifies maintenance requirements, but also promotes efficiency in operational practices.
  • Zero emission: Inland waterway vessels equipped with BeHydro 100% hydrogen engines emit no harmful emissions. Unlike traditional diesel engines that emit pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOₓ) and particulates, BeHydro engines use hydrogen as fuel, producing only water vapour as a byproduct. No aftertreatment system is needed so space is saved on the vessel. This emission-free operation contributes significantly to reducing the environmental footprint of inland navigation.
  • Dual fuel hydrogen engines: Our dual fuel hydrogen engines are equipped with advanced emission control technologies, including selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, to effectively minimise emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOₓ), particulate matter (PM) and other harmful pollutants.
  • Close to hydrogen infrastructure: Inland waterway vessels powered by BeHydro engines benefit from their compatibility with existing and emerging hydrogen infrastructure networks. With the increasing availability of hydrogen production and distribution facilities along inland waterways, these vessels have easy access to refuelling stations. Moreover, the strategic placement of hydrogen infrastructure hubs near major waterway terminals and ports facilitates the seamless integration of BeHydro-powered vessels into existing logistics transport networks.

Inland vessels equipped with our internal combustion engines (ICE) powered by hydrogen represent a crucial advance in sustainable transport. By using emission-free technology, complying with stringent EU Stage V emission standards and, these vessels not only improve sustainability, but also increase operational efficiency and reliability.

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