In response to the urgent need for emissions reduction in maritime activities, ports worldwide are transitioning towards zero-emission policies. As a result, the maritime industry is turning to innovative solutions, with hydrogen emerging as a frontrunner. At the forefront of this green revolution is BeHydro, a leading manufacturer of hydrogen engines. With ports evolving into hydrogen hubs with the proper infrastructure and tugboat activities being close to these ports, BeHydro's hydrogen engines are driving the transformation towards sustainable tugboat operations. BeHydro-powered tugboats, exemplified by the groundbreaking Hydrotug 1, offer a host of advantages in achieving cleaner port operations:

  • Efficient refuelling: BeHydro's engines enable swift refuelling, ensuring minimal downtime for tugboat operations.
  • Dual fuel flexibility: The Hydrotug's seamless transition between hydrogen and (bio)diesel, biofuel or HVO power guarantees uninterrupted service, crucial for maintaining port efficiency and safety.
  • Quick reaction time: The Hydrotug shows the ability to quickly react to changing conditions, thanks to BeHydro’s hydrogen dual fuel engines. Tugs must be able to accelerate quickly to the required power to adapt to dynamic maritime challenges.
  • Safety assurance: BeHydro's hydrogen dual fuel engines have received Type Approval from Lloyd’s Register (LR), highlighting their adherence to rigorous safety standards. These engines incorporate three layers of safety measures, including high-integrity components, leak detection software, and a specially designed hydrogen system. These safety protocols ensure that potential risks associated with hydrogen use are effectively mitigated, guaranteeing the utmost safety for tugboat operations in port environments.
  • Emissions reduction: BeHydro dual fuel engines significantly reduce emissions compared to conventional diesel propulsion. By harnessing the power of BeHydro engines, the Hydrotug 1 eliminates emissions equivalent to 350 cars annually. Utilizing green hydrogen and biodiesel or HVO, BeHydro contributes to a substantial decrease in carbon footprint. Additionally, BeHydro engines employ lean combustion processes, resulting in markedly lower NOₓ levels, in compliance with stringent environmental regulations.
  • Innovative technology: BeHydro's engines represent a technological leap forward in marine propulsion. The Hydrotug 1, powered by BeHydro's cutting-edge V12 dual fuel medium-speed engines and EU Stage V compliant aftertreatment systems, sets a new standard for sustainability in tugboat operations.

BeHydro's commitment to pioneering sustainable marine propulsion is evident through its revolutionary hydrogen engines. As ports embrace hydrogen technology to meet emission reduction targets, BeHydro engines stand at the forefront of this transformative journey. By partnering with BeHydro and leveraging its expertise in hydrogen propulsion, ports can navigate towards a greener future, ensuring the preservation of our oceans for generations to come.

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