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BeHydro is a joint venture between 2 Belgian companies combining the skills of a premium engine manufacturer with the views of a leading ship owner. Many industries such as shipping, railway and power generation have a need for clean technologies in order to make the energy transition happen.
BeHydro has set itself the goal of providing the best solution for these demanding industries.

About Anglo Belgian Corporation

Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC), founded in 1912 and located in Ghent, Belgium, is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of medium speed engines, with a power range from 600 kW to 10.5 MW. We develop innovative solutions for power generation and freight transport.

ABC engines and generators are designed for heavy-duty use and offer outstanding performance in the most difficult and demanding conditions.

Durability, reliability and simplicity of design are our goals. More than 100 years of international engine manufacturing experience provides exceptional expertise and competence.

ABC focuses on research, development and innovation.
Alternative fuels with low or zero carbon footprint and hybrid systems are our daily business.

Our commitment is always customer-oriented and aims to help you make future-proof choices. We are flexible, always at your service and attentive to your specific needs.

For more information on our products and services, visit our website www.abc-engines.com.
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Anglo Belgian Corporation
We Power Your Future

About CMB and CMB.TECH

CMB (Compagnie Maritime Belge) is a diversified shipping and cleantech group based in Antwerp, Belgium. CMB owns and operates 150 seagoing vessels in dry bulk (Bocimar), container transport (Delphis), chemical tankers (Bochem) & crew transfer vessels (Windcat). CMB is also active in cleantech (CMB.TECH) and real estate (MCA Facilities, Maritime Campus Antwerp). CMB has offices in Japan, Namibia, Singapore, China, Germany, UK and The Netherlands. Visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn.

CMB.TECH is a cleantech company that builds, owns, operates & designs large marine and industrial applications that run on hydrogen and ammonia. CMB.TECH also offers hydrogen and ammonia fuel to its customers, either through own production or by sourcing it from third party producers. Visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn.

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